installed the AJAXed Wordpress (AWP)

刚刚装了AJAXed Wordpress这个插件,一个字-爽 :razz: !不仅减少了页面响应时间,再者看着也舒服 :wink:

AJAXed Wordpress (AWP), formerly know as INAP, is an extremely powerful AJAX plugin that harnesses the power of AJAX and Wordpress to improve the user experience, the administration capabilities and the design potential of any Wordpress based blog.

AWP’s basic features include inline paginated posts, inline comments, threaded comments, the ability to submit comments with AJAX, pagination of your homepage, live comment preview and much more, but it does not, however, force you to use any feature, and it also allows all aspects of the plugin to be easily customized through a single Administration panel.

AWP is built to integrate with other plugins and features an advanced module system—based off of WordPress’ plugin system—that allows it to be modified with the addition of third-party extensions. It also has special features that will ensure compatibility with many other plugins.

AWP is also search engine and user friendly. None of the AJAX or Javascript used in the base modules will interfere with SEO or Accessibility.

  1. bigworld说道:


  2. test说道:

    :shock: 试一下效果

  3. aylie说道:

    请问你现在还在使用这个插件吗?怎么我在WordPress 2.5.1 中装了,看不见在哪里设置啊,还是他不用设置?


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